5901005105204( )KETTENRAD ORANGE( )Z52

5901005105204( )The orange rear sprocket is already a true classic that has established itself with really strong arguments and many benefits: - Manufactured from high-strength 7075-T6 aluminium, the strongest aluminium in the world - Originally developed for the aerospace industry and then adopted by the best rear sprocket manufacturers - The chain runs smoothly, straight as a die and true, because it's ground level to an accuracy of 0.002 mm - Free from vibration - therefore the highest power transmission efficiency - No small stones or dirt particles can become stuck under the chain thanks to angled recesses between the teeth - 7 % lighter with the same strength - hence greater acceleration and improved braking - All these properties mean slower wear and extreme durability - Orange anodised with a permanent, organic and environmentally friendly pigment
Manufacturer: KTM