CORPORATE SHOES - 3PW1971905 Exceptionally close fit thanks to light and breathable surface material Surface material: High-grade Air Mesh, PU and TPU heel clip Tread sole: Phylon / rubber Inner material: High-grade fabric lining with a cushioning, fabric-covered polyurethane inner sole Non-slip, particularly durable rubber tread sole in the hindfoot and blown rubber in the fore foot for additional cushioning TPU midfoot stabilizer for additional hold and stability of the foot in the shoe The preformed and removable polyurethane insoles provide high-grade cushioning and cooling for dry feet The sole consists of two phylon intermediate soles with different degrees of hardness: The softer intermediate sole, which is located close to the foot, cushions impact forces and provides a comfortable running sensation, while the harder intermediate sole gives the runner exceptional stability, supporting the foot with every step. The TR cushioning element, which is fitted close the heel, also absorbs impacts.
Manufacturer: KTM