Factory triple clamp | SX 13-20 |

- Made from high-grade aluminum
- Optimally tuned steering stem stiffness
- 100% alignment of the fork tubes
- Ideal flexibility - precisely customized to the WP fork
- Specially optimized geometry of the fork clamping
- No ovalization of the fork outer tube
- Highly precise and smooth fork response
- Maximum gain in handling and, at the same time, stability in the front wheel with overall more homogeneous effects of force in the complete vehicle
- Very simple offset adjustment of 20 or 22 mm
- Shorter offset: Stability on fast straights
- Longer offset: easier and quicker cornering in curves
- Including steering stem with steering head bearing already pressed on

| SX 13-20 |

//For use on Enduro models, please order one of the following set articles: 00010000295 or 00010000296 or 00010000297

- 7910199902104
Fabrikant: KTM